Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup


Makes 2-3 Servings

Our maple syrup kit makes delicious home-made maple syrup whenever and whenever you want it. It uses 100% authentic maple syrup powder, so you’ll find no artificial maple flavour or high fructose corn syrup here. It also boasts 100% vanilla, with absolutely no fake vanilla flavours that are typical made from wood pulp, animal products or petrochemicals. Topped off with a touch of cinnamon, this maple syrup is an all-natural treat with many uses.

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Mogo’s maple syrup kit works well for any dish that needs a little maple touch!


Cooking TimeApproximately 5-10 minutes
Makes2-3 servings
Spice LevelNone


100% Maple Syrup PowderBrown Sugar
100% Madagascan Vanilla PowderVietnamese Cinnamon

How to Cook

Our meals are designed to be extremely easy to cook. Follow the directions on this page or from the included recipe card included in your kit, or follow along with the video.

Please note that directions may vary based on your cooking equipment and more water may need to be added and/or cooking times may need to be slightly adjusted. We here at Mogo like induction heating for it’s accuracy and even cooking, but we actually create all our meals on a standard range-top so don’t worry if you are using a standard stove-top because it will work just fine.

Also note that since we don’t use any preservatives, that some of your ingredients may clump in the bags and need a little shake to loosen up. This is natural, so don’t worry!


Bring one cup of water (236ml) to a gentle boil.


Stir in all ingredients and mix well.


Continue to gently boil until desired thickness, then serve hot.