Makes 2-3 Servings

Chewy, yet with a deep fried crunch, Guobaorou is a dish with an interesting past. It was originally created in the Harbin region of China in the early 20th century by the private chef to the highest ranks in government. While they enjoyed it, the Russians diplomats that often visited did not, so the chef re-tuned it to become the sweet and sour dish that it is now famous as.

Instead of the pork loin that is usually used with the dish, our version uses Soy and Brown Rice protein “meat” to make it completely vegan-friendly.


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Mogo recommends hot and sour soup or an oyster mushroom stir-fry as great side dishes to Guobaorou.


Cooking TimeApproximately 35-40 minutes
Makes2-3 servings
Spice LevelNone


Vegan MeatSoy Sauce
Ginger Powder Corn Starch x2
Brown Sugar Garlic Powder
Tellicherry Black Pepper Rice
100% Lemon Crystals Himalayan Pink Sea Salt x2
Vinegar Glutinous Rice Flour

How to Cook

Our meals are designed to be extremely easy to cook. Follow the directions on this page or from the included recipe card included in your kit, or follow along with the video.

Please note that directions may vary based on your cooking equipment and more water may need to be added and/or cooking times may need to be slightly adjusted. We here at Mogo like induction heating for it’s accuracy and even cooking, but we actually create all our meals on a standard range-top so don’t worry if you are using a standard stove-top because it will work just fine.

Also note that since we don’t use any preservatives, that some of your ingredients may clump in the bags and need a little shake to loosen up. This is natural, so don’t worry!


Soak vegan meat in warm water for 20 minutes in the large bowl.


Prepare rice on stovetop or rice cooker.


While the vegan meat is soaking, mix the larger of the two bags of corn starch, the glutinous rice flour, one of the bags of Himalayan sea salt and a little more than 1/2 cup (100ml) of room temperature water in the bowl and stir until smooth. This will be the coating for the vegan meat.


Fill the pot with slightly less than 1 cup of room temperature water (200ml). Stir in the smaller package of corn starch, the lemon pack, the carrots, the soy sauce packet, the vinegar packet, one of the salt packets, the garlic powder, the brown sugar and the ginger powder. Set the pot aside.


When the vegan meat has finished soaking, squeeze out the water with your hands and then evenly coat the vegan meat in the bowl with the coating in it. Pour the water out of the large bowl, dry it, and place some paper towel in it. It will be used again in a later step.


Bring the pot with the sauce in step 4 to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.


Gently place the vegan meat one piece at a time into the wok or deep pan. You want to fill the the wok or deep pan fully with vegan meat, but make sure to give each piece enough room to fully cook. If you have a small wok or deep pan, this may take multiple batches. Cook each side of each piece for approximately 1 minute, depending on how crunchy or chewy you’d like it.


While the vegan meat is frying, cook the pot that has the sauce over medium heat and stir well for about 1-2 minutes. The thickness should by syrupy and not too watery. To get thicker sauce cook slightly longer.


Remove each piece of vegan meat from the wok or deep pan as it is finished cooking and place it in the paper towel-lined large bowl and repeat until all of the vegan meat is done cooking.


When the sauce has finished, serve the vegan meat with the sauce and enjoy!