Makes 2-3 Servings

From Texas to Korea comes one of America’s favorite dishes, chili. Hearty and delicious with just the right amount of kick, it can be eaten any time, for any meal.

Our chili packs the powers of lentils, which are a superfood that are high in fiber, vitamins. and minerals while being low in calories and fat. Combined with rice, this meal contains all nine essential amino acids that are required by the human body to be healthy and happy.

Showcasing the distinctive taste of smoky chipotle peppers, this Texas Chili is sure to satisfy even the biggest of appetites.


Makes 2-3 Servings

Silky coconut milk, aromatic curry, zesty lemongrass, chewy vermicelli noodles. These are a few of the ingredients that make up Mogo’s Thai Coconut Curry Soup.

Our authentic recipe will transport you to the beaches of Thailand with a hot bowl of soup in your hand. Our soup is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with a flavour that can’t be beat.

Thai Coconut Curry Soup is gluten free and suitable for any time of the day!

NOTICE #1: We recently discovered an error in the recipe cards for the Thai Coconut Curry Soup. Until we can resolve the issue, please use the recipe on this webpage when preparing your meal. We apologize for any inconvenience!

NOTICE #2: Due to a change in the supply of coconut powder, please note that this meal is no longer vegan-friendly, as milk protein has been added to the coconut powder. Since all ingredients are all individually packed, to make it vegan-friendly all you have to do is substitute for 1/3 cup of canned coconut milk.