Authentic Corn Tortilla Tacos


Makes 2-3 Servings

Authentic corn tortillas, like they should be made. Corn, known as “maize” in Spanish, is a fundamental food in the Mexican culture, dating back to pre-hispanic Mexico. Our tortillas use masa harina, which is made from dried masa, a dough from specially treated corn. Masa harina is how tacos were traditionally made in Mexico. Our tortillas have no fillers, no gluten, just pure masa harina goodness.

Our tacos also use lentils as their base, mixed with what good tacos should have, such as cumin, lime and oregano, and nothing that shouldn’t be there. Put that taco filling into homemade taco shells and prepare for a delicious Mexican fiesta.

To make rolling tortillas easier, we recommend the Authentic Mogo Rolling Pin Add-On!


Customize your order the way you like!

+ 1,000

Please note the amount of water and cooking time will change by using extra lentils.

+ 500

A custom blend of ghost pepper (bhut jolokia), trinidad scorpion and cayenne peppers. Please note that this is EXTREMELY spicy. Use at your own risk!

+ 4,500

Purchasing an Official Mogo Non-Stick Rolling Pin with Authentic Corn Tortilla Tacos gives you a 1,000 won discount off the normal price!

+ 500

Really love lime? Then add an extra pack of 100% lime crystals to add some extra zest!

+ 1,000

Adds a 2 serving order of white rice.

+ 1,500

Adds a 2 serving order of brown rice. For best results, soak brown rice in warm water for 30 minutes before cooking. Cooking time and water required may vary as well.

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