Mushroom Stroganoff


Makes 2-3 Servings

Mushrooms are one of the oldest living organisms on the planet and actually are so unique that they are in their own category of organisms. They are very low in calories while high in vitamin D and potassium, and have been used for sustenance since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians even believed they were the food of

Our mushroom stroganoff is a creamy dish with hearty mushrooms and when paired with pasta creates a complete protein meal!

Please note that this meal is not vegan-friendly, as it uses buttermilk powder. Since all ingredients are all individually packed, to make it vegan-friendly all you have to do is substitute soy or almond milk with lemon juice!

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+ 1,000

Please note the amount of water and cooking time will change by using extra mushrooms.

+ 750

Adds an extra 2-3 serving order of pasta.

+ 500

A custom blend of ghost pepper (bhut jolokia), trinidad scorpion and cayenne peppers. Please note that this is EXTREMELY spicy. Use at your own risk!

+ 1,000

Adds a 2 serving order of white rice.

+ 1,500

Adds a 2 serving order of brown rice. For best results, soak brown rice in warm water for 30 minutes before cooking. Cooking time and water required may vary as well.

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