Hello lovers of delicious food! We’d like to introduce you something were are quite proud of. We call it Mogo.

Mogo is a one of a kind eating experience that features 100% natural and healthy food that is pre-packaged, meaning you can enjoy it any time, any day.  Our food focuses on being full flavoured yet very healthy by utilizing superfood goodness and the best flavours that mother nature has to offer. We truly believe that healthy doesn’t need to mean flavorless or boring, so our goal is to prove it. We’ve custom-designed each and every one of our meal kits to be both delicious and nutritious while also being vegetarian/vegan friendly with no nasty things like preservative, artificial chemicals or things not found in nature.

Our goal is to change the status quo for pre-packaged foods, and we are proud to be the first and only healthy pre-packaged food company in Korea. We are just starting our journey as a small start-up so we ask you to walk with us step-by-step in our journey as we create more great food kits for you and your family to try. If there’s any thing we can do for you or if you’d just like to tell us how your day is going, please send us an email at

Thank you for your support, and happy eatings!

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