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How Mogo Works

Chef Designed Plant Based Meal Kits Korea

Our chefs make healthy, plant based recipes with flavors from around the world

To make meal kits that are better for you, your family, and the environment. Everything in our kits is all natural and plant based. Our pre-portioned ingredients means no wasted food.

Vegetarian Meal Kit Delivery Korea

We deliver premium ingredients at an unbeatable value right to your door

Our plant based meal kits can sit on your shelf without refrigeration, so you don’t have to worry about intercepting deliveries and you can cook them when it fits your schedule.

Vegetarian Groceries in Korea

You cook incredible meals that are ready in around 30 minutes (or less!)

Follow our step-by-step recipes, you’ll have a meal for 2-3 people ready in no time at all. Better yet, there’s no need for subscriptions so you can cook your favorite meals whenever you want!

Convenient doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. When you cook with Mogo, you’ll save time and money.

What’s in your delivery?

  • Hard-to-find herbs and spices from around the world.
  • Plant based proteins like lentils, quinoa, and mushrooms
  • Spoil-free ingredients: place our kits on your shelf until you are ready to cook
  • Recipe cards and how-to videos, and the story behind our meals.

Order any meal you like at any time. No subscriptions or commitments. All our meals serve 2-3 people, so share with family and friends, or bring the extras with you for lunch!

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Featured Meals

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Makes 2-3 Servings

Whether you’re grabbing a quick snack, or mowing down for lunch, street food around the world has always offered an opportunity to satisfy your guilty pleasures. Korean street food is no exception and is famous for a variety of indulgent street foods. Our Korean Popcorn "Chicken" is an homage to the country’s incredible street food culture. Instead of chicken, our version uses a soy and brown Rice protein “meat” to make it completely vegan friendly.

Deep-fried and covered in a sweet and spicy sauce, it’s the perfect dish for both a snack with friends or a quick and easy dinner. The sauce is based on the popular yangnyeom (양념) sauce, a sweet, sour, and slightly spicy sauce made from red pepper paste, ketchup, and other seasoning. Like your street food extra saucy? No problem – order yourself an extra sauce pack and indulge away!

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Makes 2-3 Servings

Bibimgooksoo is a spicy, cold noodle dish made with very thin wheat flour noodles called somyeon. Korean red pepper paste (gochujang), vinegar, and a bit of sugar combine to make a sweet and sour delight with a fiery punch. Bibimgooksoo is particularly popular in the summer time because its both light, and the spicy and sour flavors rejuvenate your palate during the dog days of summer. Records of this popular Korean dish date back to the Joseon dynasty when wheat flour was actually quite rare, so even royal families had it with buckwheat flour noodles and soy sauce based instead of red pepper paste. Bibimgooksoo as it is known today comes from after the Korean War.

Instead of marinated beef that is usually used in the dish, our version simplifies the dish to its core elements – noodles and a delicious sauce – making it infinitely customizable to your tastes.

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Makes 2-3 Servings

Chewy, yet with a deep fried crunch, Guobaorou is a dish with an interesting past. It was originally created in the Harbin region of China in the early 20th century by the private chef to the highest ranks in government. While they enjoyed it, the Russians diplomats that often visited did not, so the chef re-tuned it to become the sweet and sour dish that it is now famous as.

Instead of the pork loin that is usually used with the dish, our version uses Soy and Brown Rice protein “meat” to make it completely vegan-friendly.

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Makes 2-3 Servings

While Mongolian Beef is not actually from Mongolia, we’re going to overlook that because we are happy it could give us inspiration for our version of Mongolian “Beef”. Instead of beef however, our version uses Soy and Brown Rice protein “meat” to make it completely vegan-friendly.

Legend has it that the first Mongolian grills were the shields of their fierce warriors placed over fires. Our recipe is dark and savory, and features genuine red birdseye chilis which pack a kick, so be sure to summon your inner Mongolian warrior if you want to take them on. Even if you don’t eat them, they’re still great to cook with for an even more delicious dish!

Starting at just 3,000₩ per serving, our pre-portioned meal kits mean you don’t waste your money, or your food. Choose from our menu of incredible plant-based meals and start eating healthy today. 

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On the Menu

Plant based Mongolian “Beef” with a sweet, savory sauce, served with rice.   Cooking its as easy as 1-2-3!

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